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21 Day Mangosteen Natural Cancer Remedies Challenge


Many of our day to day customers ask us if it’s really true that

- XanGo Mangosteen Juice can fight cancer?

- Can Mangosteen juice prevent cancer?

- Can Mangosteen Juice kill cancer?

- How can it be that so many people hve great results with mangosteen juice fighting cancer, diabetes, arthritis or other diseases?

- Is 1 bottle of Mangosteen juice really safe to drink?

- Are there any medical facts that mangosteen / xanthones fight cancer?

To all these questions all we can answer is that all results we have with mangosteen juice in regards to treating illneses or diseases are based on personal experiences. There is no guarantee that only becasue one person has had great results with his health problem that it will help other individuals facing the same health challenge. There is also no guarantee that if a person has a great result it will last forever. What we do know is that we have thousands of great testimonials around the world and that if you have some serious health problem and you start drinking mangosteen juice as described in this post you willeither see/ feel a dramatic change within 21 days or not. If nothing is happening within 21 days you can discontinue drinking 1 bottle per day.

Again lets make it clear, there is no guarantee, just hope and thousands of testimonials, thats why we offer a money back guarantee so that you have nothing to lose but only to gain — good health.

The “21-Day Cancer Challenge” proposes that individuals with critical health issues—such as any form of cancer—issue a challenge to their health condition by committing themselves to:

1. Drink 1 whole bottle of Xango juice (about 25 oz. or 750ml) per day for 21 days

2. PLUS about a gallon (3,8 liter) of distilled or purified water.

The “21-Day Challenge” proposes that individuals who have critical health problems — just about any form of cancer — issue a challenge to their health condition by committing themselves to drink an entire 25 oz. bottle of Xango juice each day for a period of 21 days, **PLUS** drinking at least one gallon (3,8 liter) of pure water—such as spring or distilled water—along with the juice. The 4 to 6 hour half-life of Xango Mangosteen juice in the body would suggest that the consumption of both juice and water be spread out somewhat evenly throughout the 24 hours.

This is important in order to flush the toxins from the body. The only probable uncomfortable thing about it is the need to go to a toilet many times!

**NOTE: It is essential that the recommended amount of water be consumed along with the juice. As the Xango juice is consumed, the cells begin to function normally to clear and release toxins into the blood stream—and these toxins must be eliminated from the body. The rule of thumb for water consumption is 1/2 ounce or 15 ml for every pound (0,45 kg) of body weight for those who are sedentary, or 2/3 ounce 0r 20 ml for every pound (0,45) of body weight for those who are active. For example, if you weight 100 pounds (45 kg) and are not active you would drink 50 ounces (1,5 liter) of water.

To make sure you are drinking all the water you need, find a large pitcher and fill it in the morning, making sure to consume all of the water before evening (refilled as necessary). Otherwise, you will think you’ve had enough water, but in fact, that is seldom the case!

(If you are unable to drink the required water, it is better to use less Xango juice)

Recommended intake per day:


20 min before breakfast:

shake the bottle to blend the settled particles of fruit
drink 1/3 bottle Xango juice
NO distilled water consumed until right before lunch

30 min before lunch:

shake the bottle to blend the settled particles of fruit
drink 1/3 gallon distilled water
10 min later
drink 1/3 bottle of Xango juice
20 min later
eat & enjoy lunch!

30 min before dinner:

shake the bottle to blend the settled particles of fruit
drink 1/3 gallon distilled water
10 min later
drink 1/3 bottle of mangosteen juice
20 min later
eat & enjoy dinner!

Drink the remaining 1/3 gallon distilled water
spread out over the rest of the day.

NOTE: Information herein is NOT intended to be taken as medical advice. No therapeutic or medical claims are either implied or made. DO NOT ALTER ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT, OR THE USE OF MEDICATIONS, WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF YOUR MEDICAL CARE PROVIDER. FDA regulations prohibit the use of therapeutic or medical claims in conjunction with the sale of any product not approved by the FDA.

Your total cost for 5 cases (20 bottles), tax & shipping = 483 euro

You save 267 euro off the retail price!

Give it a try! You have nothing to loose but so much to gain.

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